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  • 07/23/12--07:51: By: Mark
  • Gripping your shoes with your toes is a good route to muscle/tendon problems. I know. I just had a beach vacation that left me with foot pain that sidelined me from crossfit for a week.

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  • 07/23/12--08:57: By: MarkA
  • When I wear flip-flops, my big toe gets tingly and stays that way for the next day or two. I think the part between the toes must be pinching a nerve or something. I prefer something like Sanuk canvas beach shoes - same sole as a flip-flop but no toe thong. I still wear flip-flops when I don't have to do much walking because they are the only thing that keeps my feet from looking like a couple of dead fish in the summer.

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  • 07/23/12--12:19: By: AndreaLynnette
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I don't grab my flip-flops with my toes. I have a natural gap between my first and second toes into which the stem of the yoke fits quite well. I just walk. I LOVE my flip-flops, because they are thin-soled and make me feel barefoot when I'm not allowed to be. And since they're thin and pack flat, I can slip them off and shove them into my purse when walking from one place to another outside.

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  • 07/23/12--14:37: By: ZippyChick
  • I can't believe I'm the first person to post this, but.... Regarding those Neanderthals with massively muscled right arms: Do I have to spell it out for you people? Maybe the lady Neanderthals were, ahem, not available for extended periods.... (sorry, that really WAS the first thing that occurred to me....:-( )

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  • 07/24/12--07:29: By: Dave PAPA GROK Parsons
  • BAhahahahahahaaaaaa...I love this one!!!

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  • 07/24/12--07:35: By: Dave PAPA GROK Parsons
  • YESTERDAY I paid "attention" to how I walk in those flip flops...( mainly for this post because I Flow along and rarely pay attention to much at all...I am such a "what day of the week is it?" person...LOLOL it seems I lift my toes and spread them as I go...and then set my entire foot down as a slab,, not much into heal toe walking it seems....I really never pinch my toes around that center piece...I practice my ZEN applied to many things my body and mind become one with whats under my feet very other words...CHILL OUT and flow along in FLIP FLOPS and they wont hurt you>>>..GROK ALWAYS>>>

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  • 07/24/12--07:49: By: Happycyclegirl
  • I won't allow my kids or myself to wear flip flops for the reasons you just cited. Particularly bad for foot development for the kids. I just checked out the Invisible Shoe DIY kit and we'll order some for X-mas. She currently takes her sandal straps and configures them to be more like flip flops. Hopefully with the huaraches she will be thrilled to decorate them how she wishes and will be more likely to wear them properly.

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  • 07/24/12--11:36: By: Wafaa
  • I'm sorry, but if you're gripping your flip flops for them to stay on your feet, then they're too big for you. They're supposed to just drag along with your feet without slipping, while you walk as if you were barefoot. I love flip flops. I find that walking in them is the closest for me to walking barefoot.

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  • 07/25/12--20:15: By: Leslie
  • I've read oil of oregano applied to infection will neutralize fungus. Haven't tried it though.

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  • 07/28/12--07:09: By: Dan
  • I did the same thing with old flipflops, only I used old 550 cord and my own knots, all I ever got were dirty looks! I hated them as huaraches, but completely broken down flipflops with tight strings worked the same as barefoot for me. Sadly, everything had stickers, thorns, or needles in my part of the world. Any ideas to make them more protective?

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